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May 7, 2015

Why Men Hesitate To Commit and How They Express Love Differently

We’ve all been there. You know he loves you – you feel it, he shows it. But he still will not take you off the market and put that ring on your finger. Does this mean that he is not really as invested as you are if he does not show the grand gestures?

Understand that men DO want to commit, they just take more time to get there

Men take longer to commit to women than women do to men. But this does not mean that men do not want to commit so throw away all of those cliche lines about men fearing commitment and understand that this is a timing issue. If you want your man to commit to you then give him space and time in which to come to that decision himself otherwise you will drive him away for good

Understand why men need more time to make the decision to commit. There is a reason

Yes, there is a reason as to why men take longer when it comes to deciding whether or not to commit to a woman and this is because men, when they do commit, are in it for life. Men take commitment seriously. Women do too, but are faster at committing and two thirds of divorces are initiated by women, because they tend to have stricter rules on when is appropriate to walk away.

Know, that although it may take your man a little longer to commit, if and when he commits to you then this a very serious step for him and he is in it for the long run

Men show their love and commitment in different ways to women

Men may not express their love through their words as women do but this does not mean that your man does not feel it or that he does not want to commit to you. A man may show his devotion to you by serving you. Actions such as cooking for you, cleaning your car and fixing things around the house are ways in which a man will show his love for you so look for the signs and understand that ‘I love you’ is not the only way to love somebody.

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