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May 15, 2015

3 Love and Commitment Tips

Stop being needy!

Most women never want to think that they are needy but a lot of us can come across as needy without even knowing it. One main  thing that make you appear needy is always asking for compliments or validation. A woman who knows her own self worth can validate herself and does not need to get this from a guy.

Texting too much is .. too much!

Allow the man to be ‘the man’ and be the one who comes forward. You don’t always have to be the one who texts ALL of the time. Yes, you want to show him that you are interested, but too many texts spoil the broth and you will come across as being insecure, and look like you are checking up on him. You may be texting a lot to make all of the plans, but again, let him be the man and have some say in how things work.

Stop being controlling & jealous

You will simply drive him away. If you have issues with him talking to other women, you paint yourself in a really bad light and he will feel like he is being controlled and even if he had not wanted to spend more time alone or out with the guys, once you clamp down on him, he will want to because guys need to feel trusted.

When you trust him you make him feel respected and valued and when a man feels this way he really hates the idea of letting a woman down. So let him feel like a King and tell him how he makes you feel safe, and how lucky you are that he is not a liar, or a player, and give him some personal freedom, and he will probably miss you and would rather spend his free time with you anyway, because you are such a ‘cool chick’.

Besides, you will drive yourself crazy if you are always checking up on him and you need to value your own time also. Make time to do things that leave you feeling secure and happy in yourself. so you need less validation coming from JUST him.

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