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February 10, 2016

3 Signs Your Ex Is Over You (Is There Still Hope?)

1. He has changed his phone number and hasn’t told you about it

You may have sent a text and wondered why he has not replied to you. Then you hear from someone who knows him that he has changed his number but has not passed his new number onto YOU. Ouch. OR you bump into your ex and realize he has a new phone, and sure enough he has not given you his number.

This may be because he wants to avoid your texts and calls. Or it could be that he has not even considered things on that level and has just sort of moved on and not really given how you feel a second thought. As much as this hurts to say, if he wanted you to have his number he would make sure that you have it.

2. He is moving or has already moved

If your ex has moved to a new city or you hear on the grapevine that he is considering it then chances are, he is over you and wants a new chapter in his life. The same goes for if he is going travelling. A lot of people do this as a way to get out there, see the world, and totally change their scenery as they just want to get over things and move on. You have to accept that your ex is moving on and fill your own life with something new too.

3. He is starting a new chapter of his life

It may not be as extreme as moving, or changing his number but if your ex seems to be moving on in other ways, for example, a new job, a new look, a new group of friends, a new hobby…. then he is probably wanting to move on big time, and is taking drastic steps to make some changes in life that will distract him MENTALLY from thinking about you and the breakup.

As much as all of the above hurt you have to read the signs and understand that you deserve so much more than to chase and pine after someone who is clearly not doing the same in return. Let it go, feel sad yes, of course, but make sure that you take some big steps to fill your life with new things too. You have to. Life has to go on, and when you do this, you’ll be in your best state to either let go, meet someone new, or attract your ex back to you.

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