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January 20, 2017

5 Factors That Make Him Addicted To You

In this video relationship coach Matt Boggs looks at what makes men addicted to certain women. He takes the word CRAVE and breaks it down to show you the exact steps that you can take in order to make a man crave you. So here goes, to start with you want to be a challenge..

C is for challenge.

You want to challenge your man by stating your standards and becoming the best version of you that you can be. When you set your standards, your guy has to earn the right to be with you and he values what he has earned. As you begin to challenge a man he becomes a better version of himself, and this makes him more attracted to you because you are the thing that makes him feel good.

R is for respect.

One of a man’s greatest fears is to feel or seem inadequate in a woman’s presence. If you can make your man feel respected, when he is around you he is going to feel like a better man in your presence and he will desire to be around you.

A is for alignment

You want your man to feel aligned with you, because when he is able to feel that he starts to crave to be around you as you create a deeper bond with him. Show him that you are on his wavelength, show him that you get him. He will find himself insanely drawn to you, because two of you are in alignment, so like a magnet you will draw him towards you.

V is for variety.

You don’t want your relationship to become boring so think about how you can add in some variety. Think about the memories that you want to create this year – where can you go to eat that is different, where can you travel to, which concerts do you want to go to? When you throw in variety, you create memories that will have him drawn to you.

E is for excitement

The more enthusiastic and the more passionate you are for him when he is around, the more he is going to want to be around you. Boost his ego, show him that he excites you. Men love it when women are excited to see them and aren’t afraid to show it. Be sure to keep on working on your energy levels. You want to be driven, passionate, motivated, because when you are all of these things you INSPIRE him and when a man feels inspired, when he truly enjoys to be around you, he will undoubtedly begin to CRAVE you.

So – remember, this is all about confidence. The more that you can work on yourself, and the more confident that you are around him, the more he is going to want to hang out with you. It really is that simple. Guys basically want to be around the women who make them feel good. It’s all about the feeling. Remember that, and think about how YOU can get HIM to CRAVE you.

About Mat Boggs

A true difference maker, Mat Boggs has dedicated his life to increasing Love in the world one heart at a time, and helping others achieve their dreams. Mat has co-authored the best-selling book, Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America’s Greatest Marriages.

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