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January 20, 2017

5 Secrets To Texting The Guy You Like

In this video, Matt Boggs talks about 5 secrets for texting a guy you like. If you follow these 5 steps, you will be more attractive, confident and desirable to him.

Avoid the vomit text

The vomit text is when you text a guy and tell him about your entire day in just one text. If a guy has to scroll in order to read your message, you are giving him way too much information.

Guys do not like girls with verbal diarrhea. They want to be fed smaller pieces of information, and they like to be intrigued by you. When you tell him all about your day in just one message, what you are doing is giving yourself on a plate to him and this is a real turn off (and you know it is). Be a little elusive and try and remain mysterious.

Avoid the machine gun text..

Which is when you send one text after another and don’t allow him time to respond to them. You want texting to be like ping pong – where you send him a text and then he sends you a text. If you go at a speed faster than that it gets completely overwhelming and turns him off.

Avoid text fighting.

To solve an argument you need to get on the phone and talk. Guys hate talking about problems or arguing over text message. Receiving a text that is argumentative will get him avoiding you like the plague. Do not send him texts threatening him, telling him to ‘call you now’. Tell him ‘hey give me a call when you have time as I’d love to chat to you’.

Avoid being an energy vampire and add value to his life.

Do not be someone who is a drain, as this is no fun to be around. You want to be the person who adds love, light and laughter to his life. So, even if you are actually down, bored, whatever, make fun of yourself and send a funny picture, saying this is how I am feeling today.. (insert funny picture here). There are always people out there who want to plug themselves into someone else and suck the energy from them, so make sure that you are not one of them.

Avoid the ‘just’ when it comes to text messaging.

You know the kind of texts that I am talking about. The messages that start with a ‘just’.. ‘Just checking to see if you are doing okay’… ‘just wondered if you want to go out tonight?’. Just is SO negative and screams insecurity.

Inject a lot more confidence into your messages, and replace a just with ‘want to hang out tonight?’ or ‘we’re heading to the beach, you should come!’, and always be sure to throw in some smiley or winky face emojis too, to add some flirtation and playfulness.

About Mat Boggs

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