5 Signs He is Not Interested in a Serious Relationship - How To Win a Man's Heart

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May 12, 2015

5 Signs He is Not Interested in a Serious Relationship

In this video Mike Fiore and Nora Blake tell you how you can tell if the guy you’re dating isn’t interested in taking things to the next level.

He Says It Outright

The number one sign is when he says, “I’m not interested in a serious relationship.” Many women assume he’s playing games and they think “why would he sleep with me if wasn’t interested?” There are guys out there who lie about what they want but when a guy tells you this it’s not a lie. You have to listen to him when he says it. It may actually be that it’s you he doesn’t want a serious relationship with but either way, not trying to force it with this guy will only save you from heartache and trouble in the end.

He Keeps You at a Distance

He doesn’t try to integrate you in his life in any kind of way. He’s not introducing you to his friends or family. He doesn’t take you to events where you may meet co-workers or other people that play a role in his life. He is not interested in doing other things with you that don’t involve sex. He doesn’t reach out for dates unless he wants sex. The only plans he makes with you are booty calls and he keeps you within arm’s reach.

He Makes No Plans

He never talks about any kind of future. If you never make plans for more than a week away that’s a sign he’s not interested in something serious. He shouldn’t necessarily be planning your wedding but making plans that aren’t just booty calls are important.

If a man is not interested in a serious relationship he will not try to integrate into his life in anyway. If he’s not introducing you to friends, co-workers or family and he’s not making plans other than booty calls he’s only interested in the sex. A man not interested in a serious relationship will also avoid talking about any kind of future. He won’t make any plans for more than a week away. Finally, the number sign that he’s not interested is that he will simply tell you. If he says he doesn’t want something serious don’t assume he’s playing games.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host. He has teamed with Claire Casey to create Capture Him- a program that helps women attract and keep the right man.