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August 7, 2017

7 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Your Ideal Mate

Does like attract like? Do opposites attract?   

“Like” is comfortable and familiar.

“Opposite” is invigorating and exciting.  At certain times in our lives we prefer comfort; at other times we prefer excitement. So yes, like attracts like, and opposites do attract.

Beyond whether something, or someone, is like us or opposite us, perhaps it is more accurate to say that we attract what we are willing to receive.

Sometimes that shows up as an opposite, sometimes as a like, and often somewhere between the two.

And what about what we are willing to accept?

We’ve all seen it in our friends, someone they are dating isn’t treating them the way we’d like our friend to be treated and yet they say they are happy.

Or maybe they complain about how they are being treated. And yet, they may stick around in spite of how they are being treated.

Why? That is what they are willing to accept into their life.

There are many reasons why someone would do this. I’ll leave that for a trained therapist to address.

The point I want to make is that when we allow something in our life that is not what we say we want; it’s time to take a look at why we are allowing it.

I’m not talking about the little things that happen on a daily basis, as we are out in the world.

I’m referring to staying in a relationship that doesn’t make us happy, or repeating a pattern in relationships.

In life we attract not only what we need, but what we are willing to accept at any particular time in our life.

It may be something we need in order to learn a lesson and to grow as a person.

That may be something we are lacking or unfamiliar with (opposite), sometimes this is to balance a void and sometimes it is to help draw something out of us that we haven’t yet come to recognize about ourselves.

We attract people who are like us, a mirror of ourselves (like).

Often that happens to show us something about ourselves. Either something that we want to enhance further or something we would like to alter in some way.

It is always, however, whether we recognize it or not, what we need. We may not be willing to receive it and thus we may inadvertently block it.

In fact, the ideal mate for you today, could be quite different than the ideal mate for you several years ago or several years in the future.

As long as people grow at similar paces, allow each other to grow and evolve, and honor the individual growth, ideal today can be ideal for years to come.

Whether, twin soul or polar opposite, it’s what we are willing to receive that is consistent in what shows up in our lives.

We don’t always get what we want or ask for, we get what we are willing to accept and receive.

Of course, intention plays a part in this, but beyond intention, I’ll say again, it’s what we are willing to receive.

I keep repeating this because for many it is a hard concept to grasp.

We all have those childhood experiences, teenage and adult experiences too, that determine how we view the world, our experiences, and our worthiness.

One of the basic tenants of Feng Shui, pronounced Fung Shway, is balance. In Life, as in Feng Shui, balance is different for each person.

Notice that the title of this article is 7 Feng Shui Tips to Attract Your Ideal Mate, not the ideal mate. There is no one version of the ideal mate.

Ideal for one person is likely quite different than ideal for another.

You know what I mean; the person that is the perfect mate for your closest friend may or may not be a reflection of what would be your ideal mate.

Ideal for you today, could also be very different from ideal for you in the past.

What I often see in my Feng Shui practice is that homes of single people often scream out that they are single and going to stay that way.

Even if they get into a relationship, their behavior, or the behavior of their partner, is likely to be more of an individual approach than a team approach. Their home contributes to this phenomenon.

7 Feng Shui Tips to Bring in Your Ideal Mate

1. Get Clear About Your Intention

Just like when you look for a job, you have an idea of what type of job you are seeking, where it would be located, or what industry it would be in.

When seeking a mate, know what you want or maybe what you don’t want in that partner.

Use these qualities as a guide, not as rules that must be adhered to. The 80/20 rule can be helpful here.

And often when the right person for you shows up, the list gets thrown out the window.

That’s ok.

It’s about having a clear intention to focus on, rather than finding the exact match.

After all, “good on paper” does not mean that it will be a harmonious match.

2. Take Inventory

Look around your home and make an inventory.

The inventory should include the things that you find pleasing, and those that aren’t so pleasing to you.

Identify those things that invoke a pleasant or not so pleasant emotional response.

Whether it’s that rug you trip on every day, the table you walk into, or the beloved painting that your grandmother did for you. Identify all of these items.

Do the best you can, don’t worry if you have difficulty identifying your response to some of the items.

3. Review Your List

Review your list and identify where those emotions come from. Are they unhappy memories of the past?

Are they a sense of lacking in your life currently? In Feng Shui, there is a tenet “Everything is Alive.”

So if these things were alive, what person in your life would they be?

Would you want that person around your home 24×7?

Consider removing those items that don’t bring you a sense of joy.

The items that do bring you joy will be well placed in the areas where you spend the most time so that they are in view frequently.

4. Build Your Vision

Most people are familiar with the use of vision boards: a collage of pictures and statements mounted on poster board and displayed as a reminder of what we want to attract into our life.

I like to think of my home as my life-sized, 3D vision board.

If you had difficulties in the last couple of steps discerning the positive from the not so positive, this step will help. Go back through your inventory list.

Make note of those items that you would select to be included in your vision board. There are going to be some “neutral” items, that’s ok.

The point is to get clear which items support your goal and which items don’t support your vision and gradually work toward removing the non-supportive and replacing with supportive items.

5. Keep Up with Yourself

Another tenet in Feng Shui is that everything is constantly changing. Remember the Yin Yang symbol? That is not a static symbol.

The picture is static, but the symbol actually represents constant motion.

That is what life is, constant motion.

So when using Feng Shui in your home, you may want to make frequent adjustments to keep up with yourself.

As you, your life, and your vision evolve, you will want your environment to evolve with you.

An environment that is stagnant is an environment that drains rather than supports.

Keep your environment evolving with you and your visions.

6. Clear Your Clutter

Clutter can be Active or Stagnant. Active clutter is all those works-in-progress.

As long as they are being worked on they are fine. Watch out for those projects that were a work-in-progress but are now just gathering dust.

They are incomplete, stagnant, and drain energy if left idle for too long. What’s too long?

That depends upon many factors. Is it a seasonal project?

Then perhaps it could be put away until the appropriate season comes along.

Try keeping a bag or box handy, in a closet or the garage, and when you see an item that doesn’t fit with your vision, immediately place it in the box.

This gets it out of your living space and begins to life the stagnant energy. Read more clutter-clearing tips.

7. Bring in Love

Now that you’ve done an inventory and cleared your clutter, you’ve created a powerful foundation to build your vision upon. There are many Feng Shui tips for the bedroom and living room.

Some of the most common are:

– Bring in things that you’d have in your home if you were with your ideal mate
– Place decorative items in pairs to represent being in a couple
– Hang pictures that represent love, relationships or romance
– Reserve the bedroom for sleeping and romance only

Follow these Feng Shui tips and your home will be your 3D-vision board, helping you attract your ideal mate.

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About the author

Helen Arabanos

Helen Arabanos is a Professional Feng Shui Consultant based in Westlake Village, CA, and the author of HE’S INTO YOU… But Is His Home? What a Man’s Feng Shui Can Reveal About Him. 

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