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February 28, 2016

Am I Too Nice To Be Loved and Get Commitment From Him?

In this video Matthew Hussey shares with women why the fear you have of losing may actually be what will cause you to lose him. How can you let him know you want a commitment without being too pushy?

Liking and Respecting you are not the Same Thing

Is he calling you the day of for dates? Is he not seeing you as often as you would like and not giving you the level of commitment that you want? What you need to realize is that if he wanted to be with you and make you happy he would find a way. His lack of commitment does not mean that he does not like you, but it may mean that he does not respect you. You have created a situation that has allowed him to put you at the bottom of the list in the hierarchy of his life. He is not prioritizing you because you are not forcing him to.

Who Do You Feel More Drawn Too?

Who are the people you feel more drawn too? Are they the people that bend over backwards to please you or are they people whose morals and values you respect. Ask yourself how you feel about people that you view as pushovers? Most people are not interested in pushovers. Most people gravitate towards people with morals and self-respect because they admire them.

Your Fear Will Push Him Away

When you don’t uphold your standards with a guy it’s because you fear he won’t be there the following week. The guy, in turn, will never grow to respect you and will eventually draw away from you. When sticking up for yourself makes you feel like you could lose him, you don’t stick up for yourself. Make the change emotionally by changing the entire way you see yourself. Change it logically by reminding yourself how you push away the boring, unattractive pushovers with no standards. You won’t have to fear losing him when you know that having standards will only transform the attraction he already feels for you by combining it with respect.

If you can transform the attraction a man already feels for you so that it combines with respect you won’t believe the levels of attraction you can achieve. However, if you are bending over backwards to meet his needs he will view you as a pushover and he will eventually lose attraction for you. It’s your very fear of losing him that will push him away, but when you take control of that fear and demand respect you will be in a much better place.

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