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February 10, 2016

Can You Win Your Ex Back With a Grand Romantic Gesture?

You cannot force someone to love you and if you feel that you need to make some grand romantic gesture then this is essentially what you are doing, you are doing something out there, to show your ex how you feel and hope that this will make them stop and think before they walk away. But you have seen the movies right? More often than not, the grand romantic gesture does not work and often backfires, as the person on the receiving end feels pressured and almost emotionally blackmailed.

Give them space. Don’t chase.

Your ex needs space right now and the more that you chase, the less you respect his feelings and to be honest, he will start to see you as a pest and he just wants to get away from you right now. Let him go, give him space, and for heavens sake, do not chase. This not only winds your ex up to the max, but it also destroys your self confidence as deep down, you know that you are acting like a sad woman, and you lose respect in yourself and sink further and further into some kind of depression.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It really does. Let him miss you. Let him wonder where you are and think about all of the times that you shared. He will do, guys are just slower at coming to this point than girls are. Do not pressure him as to a guy, this kind of romantic behavior can come across as bunny boiler behavior. You see, men do have a very different way of looking at things. Think about how HE may see it and act accordingly.

Gifts are just things. Money can’t buy you love.

Okay, bring on the old Beatles song. Money cannot buy you love. Fact. People have tried this and okay, it may attract a gold digger, but very rarely has anyone in the history of man been known to be able to BUY someone else’s affections and that is essentially what you are trying to do when you resort to thinking that some flowers, or a shirt, or something even bigger, will make your ex stop in his tracks and say now I realize I love her!

And if he did this? Do you want to be with someone who is only into your money? Nope of course not. Think about it.

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