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May 10, 2015

Do You Have a Sexy Brain Or a Sexy Body?

In this video Dr. Pat Love talks about how we all have different pathways to arousal.  Are you a sexy brain type or a sexy body type?

Sexy Body

We have different pathways to arousal. For some of us it’s a sexy body.  For others it’s a sexy brain.  Those with a sexy body only need their heart to be beating and they can get aroused.  They walk around ready for sex at all times. The prerequisite is ‘is my heart beating?’  These people find sex to be a great stress relief and the more tense or tired they are the more they want sex.

Sexy Brain

The sexy body person is a complete mystery to the sexy brain person.  The furthest thing from their mind when they are stressed is sex because they have to concentrate and focus their mind and feel close in order to have sexual desire.  They have to feel emotionally close and supported by their partner in order to desire sex.

Understanding your Partner’s Needs

These two people often find each other and they are unknowingly insensitive to their partner’s needs.  You have to know who you are and you have to know which your partner is so that you can understand each other’s different pathways.  You may not understand that getting the dishes done and getting the kids put to bed can actually be foreplay for a person with a sexy brain.  Once these things are done they can relax and really begin to feel emotionally close and connected to you and desire to have sex with you.

People with a sexy body are always ready for sex.  People with a sexy brain need to have their stress relieved first and need to feel emotionally connected.  When a sexy body person and a sexy brain person find themselves in a relationship they may not understand the other’s pathway to arousal.  You need to be good to each other.  You need to be sensitive to what makes your partner tick.  You need to be generous and understanding when it comes to love.

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