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March 5, 2016

Does He Really Like Me? 4 Ways To Tell If Likes You

In this video Matthew Hussey shares 4 signs that reveal a guy is interested in a woman.

1. Is he getting closer and closer and… closer?

If he is finding excuses to get closer to you then he is definitely keen. You could be in a bar, and he is a stranger, does he keep edging his way over to where you are standing? Or if you are in a group of friends and he is someone that you know, does he keep coming and standing next to you? It’s really simple but if you are honest with yourself, you will just know when he is trying to get closer to you.

2. Is he keen to tell you about himself?

Does he talk about his job and new promotion? Maybe he talks about his car or his achievements. If a guy tells you things about himself and his life WITHOUT you asking him questions then he is trying to impress you with his all. If you like him then recognize this and show him that he has your attention.

3. Is he keeping things alive?

Picture this – you are chatting, things slow down, and there is silence. Or perhaps you are in a group, and you two are talking and then someone else cuts in and start talking to you. Does he keep finding ways to reconnect with you and keep things going? If so then he is into YOU and is looking for your undivided attention.

4. Is he touching you a lot?

He keeps brushing your arm, or accidentally brushes up against you as he walks past you to head to the bathroom. Nope – there is nothing accidental about this. The guy wants to touch you, he is attracted to you and he is unable to keep his hands off you. If you like him then ENJOY this and flirt a little back.

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