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May 10, 2015

How Men Typically Express Their Love

In this video, Julie discusses the differences in the ways men communicate love.

Men and women communicate their love differently, not just in different ways from each other, but different from every other man or woman on the planet.  It’s important for us to learn to translate the behaviors and words of our partner if we are to enjoy meaningful and long-lasting commitment.

Women are Often Conditional

Women initiate more than two-thirds of the divorces that occur in the United States today. This leads one to understand that women are somewhat conditional in their commitment level. Men, on the other hand, may take longer to commit, but once they do, they are ‘all in.’ At that point they begin to signal their sense of commitment by doing and saying things you will understand are love signals. (They might not be diamonds and roses, but they are his signals to say he cares.)

Watching for Love Language Clues

When men feel distanced from or otherwise deprived of love, they act differently than they usually would. The key is to discover what they interpret as “love signals” and provide them regularly. We’ve all known somebody – perhaps a grandmother – whose love is communicated by food. Others may signal their love by making sure the clothes in our closets are all carefully pressed or there are working light bulbs in every household light fixture. Your signals may be totally different, but when those signals are not met by answering signals from your partner, you may begin to feel grouchy or disconnected.

Communicate Communication

Relatively few people are actually mind readers. Depending upon the way you were socialized as a child, you may send undecipherable signals to your partner about what you want from him. Men, being men, think in terms of “fixing” things. (This is the reason they don’t understand that when you cry you cannot always tell them what’s wrong. They are looking for something they can repair or replace to put a smile back on your face. When you cannot provide an answer, he is bumfuzzled.)All couples can benefit from time spent in communication… not just talking about the weather or the bills, but communicating about what pleases you and makes you happy. When he knows what those things are, he will almost certainly work to provide them.

Remember to treat your partner with at least as much courtesy as you would your best friend. When he does something that pleases you, let him know. He’s not likely to be able to read your mind.

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