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March 13, 2016

How Not To Be Jealous Of His Past

It’s easy to be jealous of a partner’s past life. In this video relationship expert Matthew Hussey talks about why even old experiences can also be unique.

When You Feel Jealous of the Life He Has Lived

Of course you feel envious of past relationships, but what do you do when you find yourself jealous of their past experiences and in general the life they have lived. For example, if you’re taking a vacation somewhere they have been before it may change the way you feel about taking the trip with them.

Make the Experience Unique

Show the person you are with, whether you have done something 1000 times or never before, that you are excited to experience it anew with them. If you have been to Mexico and he hasn’t it may be easy for him to feel envious. However, you can let him know that you are excited to see it again through his eyes and have this new adventure with him.

Everyone has a Past

Don’t be jealous of your partner’s past experiences. Everyone has them. Instead focus on the new experiences and memories you are creating together. Instead of dwelling on his past experiences focus on creating your own unique memories.

You have lived a previous life and so has he. Don’t be jealous of your partner’s past. When you are doing things with the new person you love what will make it special will be the magic that comes from experiencing it with this person, not whether or not it was the first time you’ve done it.

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