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February 28, 2016

How To Heal From a Broken Heart and Be Open To Love

In this video, Matthew Hussey shares advice on what women can do to overcome a broken heart.

It sucks. Let it suck

You see your ex in the bar with his new Girlfriend. It sucks. You hurt. But your best friend tells you that there are plenty more fish in the sea and it’s not as bad as you think. Nope. It’s okay to hurt, and yes, this does truly suck. It’s okay to feel this pain and if you don’t feel any pain then that is a bad sign. Feeling something means that you are alive inside so be thankful for the pain that you feel and let yourself feel it.

Be a romantic optimist

As above, pain means that you are alive and not dead inside and the fact that you get hurt means that you are still an optimist and a romantic so embrace this and keep looking ahead because you will find somebody else and you know this deep down.

Understand why it is over and hold onto something better

If you are honest with yourself and face up to what actually went wrong, you will know whether or not this truly was something that could work for good and if not, then allow yourself to feel the pain that you feel but don’t put on those rose tinted glasses.

There will be somebody more suited to you out there and when you put things in perspective and change the meanings that you have given things over time, then you open yourself up to healing rather than becoming bitter and you can move forwards to create a positive and happy love life.

Understand the power of thought

You choose how you see the break up and you choose how you view your future so create a love life that you want to have and don’t allow this sadness to hold you back for the next ten years and life is too short! Get out there and be grateful for the loves lost and embrace the loves to come.

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