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December 12, 2015

How To Make Him Feel Like a Man: 3 Phrases Men Love To Hear

In this video Mathew Boggs talks about 3 phrases that men like to hear. So, here they are, the three phrases are…..

You’re Brilliant

When you pour into your man and you make him feel more like a man in your presence, he will automatically want to pour back into you. Tell your man that he is brilliant, tell him all of the things that you like about him and he will naturally be even more drawn to you.

You saved me

It’s easy to think ‘I am never saying that to my man’ because it can leave you feeling vulnerable, almost as if you are saying that you needed to be saved. You’re a strong woman, you don’t need to be saved right? Well, you don’t have to use this phrase so dramatically – you don’t have to mean that he LITERALLY saved you. But you can use it when he does something for you – such as catching that huge spider.

Next time he does something like and comes to your rescue, tell him ‘thank you! You saved me!’ and this will make him feel like your hero, which every guy wants to feel like.

You’re my hero

Guys want to be your hero. End of story. So leading on from the point above where you tell him ‘you saved me’, why not extend that with ‘you’re my hero’. You don’t have to do it in a really serious manner – sure, be jokey, be playful, but do tell him that he’s your hero, and you will leave him feeling like the most important man ever.

Ultimately, a man wants to feel like a MAN when he is around you. He wants to feel like he is the strongest, the tallest, and the toughest. Make him feel this way and he will naturally WANT to do more for you, be there for you. It’s what inspires and motivates a man to be a better man.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and don’t be too stubborn as to not want to be the one to put in the effort here. The more that you add fuel to things, the more HEAT that he will give to you.

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