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May 10, 2015

How To Overcome The Feeling Of I Am Not Worthy Enough

In this interview Kristina Marchant talks about why we sometimes don’t feel worthy and how we can get to a place of self love.

The Proverbial Cage

It is very common for people to put themselves in a proverbial cage.  You are only comfortable taking up a small portion of the world.  You don’t let yourself have too much, you don’t let yourself be too happy, and you may let yourself get lost in a relationship.

Happiness Comes From Within

The best way to stop living in a cage and constantly telling yourself you are not good enough is to stop thinking that the answer to your happiness lays outside of you.  Having a great relationship, having money, being popular or being beautiful – none of this is going to change your overall level of happiness in the long term.  External factors do not create happiness.

Your Happiness Set Point

Everyone has a happiness set point.  No matter what happens to you, your happiness set point will always level off and return to that happiness set point.  When you get wrapped up in a relationship and think your man is going to be the key to your happiness rather than yourself, you are going to just yearn for more.  Through that yearning you are going to believe you are not enough and that will lead to helplessness and self- loathing.  You are worth something just by being born.  Understanding that everything you need exists within you and that you are special and not special at the same time gives you the ability to step outside your ego.  That is when you can step into your heart and when self-love can happen.  From self-love, partnership love can follow

Many people place themselves in a proverbial cage, believing they only deserve to take up a small portion of the world.  They do not let themselves shine and they do not believe they are worthy of happiness.  Understanding that you are special just by virtue of being born and yet not special at the same time allows you to step away from your ego and into your heart.  Your happiness comes from within and no matter the external factors you will always return to your own happiness set point. Learning to love yourself and taking responsibility for your own happiness will help you overcome your feelings of unworthiness and prepare you for partnership love.

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