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February 20, 2016

How To Talk To Your Man and Strengthen Your Relationship

Video Summary

In this video, Mirabelle Summers shares 6 tips that can help you become more confident and attract men.

Address issues as and when they come up

When you fear rocking the boat and avoid dealing with issues as and when they come up, what you are doing is essentially allowing resentment to build up and in time, this will lead to the breakdown of your relationship.

You need to think of addressing issues as and when they come up as being like giving your relationship a little makeover. It refreshes things and keeps things looking good.

Choose the right time to talk to your guy

Guys don’t always want to talk just as women do, especially at certain times. Good times to talk are when he is relaxed with YOU or is talking himself. But bad times can be when he has just come in from work, or is watching the game on TV.

Use your common sense and know that if you pick the wrong time, he will most likely shut down on you.

Don’t force him to open up to you

Men may not find it as easy to open up as women do so don’t force him to talk to you if he does not want to. Sure, say how YOU feel but accept that he doesn’t have to do the same. Let him listen and come back to you when he feels ready.

Take control and don’t leave it all up to him

Show the initiative too and don’t always expect him to be the one who fixes things. Come up with some suggestions – help him out. You’re a smart independent woman.

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Mirabelle Summers is a dating and relationship expert who has helped thousands of women worldwide attract and find the man of their dreams.