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March 13, 2016

How To Text Guys – 4 Messages He’ll Love

There are four annoying text messages that guys are constantly sending to women. In this video Matthew Hussey tells women how to respond to these kinds of messages.

The Validate Me Text

After having put in very little effort a guy all of the sudden texts you, “miss you.” Don’t validate him back by saying miss you too. Just say, “aww, that’s so sweet, thank you.” Be sweet and humble, but don’t validate him back in that miniature moment of investment.

The Back From the Dead Text

You don’t hear from a guy in weeks when suddenly he says, “hey, I’ve been thinking about you.” Don’t let him control the narrative. Respond with, “well, duh.” It’s cheeky and it puts you in control of his emotions as opposed to giving him the lead.

The Entertain Me Text

He just says “hey.” Respond in kind but add an exclamation point to show you are a little more excited about life than he is. If he does not take the lead after that do no text him back.

The Flake Text

You’ve made arrangements to hang out and he flakes. You get a late night text from him saying “what are you doing?” as though you had never made plans. He’s looking for a booty call and you’re not going to give it to him. Tell him you are in your pj’s going to sleep. If he says he was hoping to see you remind him of the plans you had made and that you had assumed he had just had a flaky moment. You’ve set a standard and called him flaky. Add a wink at the end that shows him that even when you are setting a standard you can be playful and fun.

Men often send texts that women find annoying and are not sure how to answer. The key is to avoid validating him when he’s put in minimal effort, not let him take control and make sure you are establishing standards. Additionally, make sure you keep it fun and playful. In doing so you show him that you have standards but at the same time you are playful and fun.

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