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December 12, 2015

I Am Crazy About Him But He Lives in Another Country: What Should I Do?

In this video, Matthew Hussey talks to a caller on his show ‘Love Life’ who wants to know whether she can make something work with a guy she met who’s from London – when she lives in America. Should you if you find yourself in this situation, do your best to make it happen? Or should you just leave things as a happy memory…

Ask yourself ‘what’s the reality of us doing this together, in the same place?’

Sometimes we find someone and we hit it off and it seems amazing, but unless you are prepared to move to the other side of the world if you have to (or whether he happens to be), then you could just be setting yourself up for an awful lot of pain, further down the line with this.

So, before you go any further, ask yourself if you would actually move to be where this guy is – and if not, then maybe now is the time to let go of this.

Ask yourself, are you wanting him more now because he’s out of reach?

It’s human nature to want what we can’t have in life, especially when it comes to relationships. Ask yourself, ‘what you feel with this guy, is it truly something that cannot be found with someone who is in a situation to move things forward’.

There is a difference between massive attraction and massive intention.

If this guy is on Skype saying ‘We have to make this work’ then you’re on the same page, and it’s possible that this could go somewhere. But if he is not, ask yourself, are you caught up in massive attraction minus the massive intention? You need the two things to work together in order to make things HAPPEN.

Make yourself a focus of connection and not just a focus of attraction

You want to interact with him, and be interested in him, as that makes you interesting, and everyone loves to come home from a hard day at work and have someone amazing to talk to – build a real connection, so that there is a strong solid base between you two, that isn’t just based on attraction and you’ll soon become a part of his life. But make sure that you don’t lose the attraction altogether.

Keep the attraction and the sexual part of this burning.

When you hop on Skype, be sure to tell him that he looks sexy. Make sure that you have a bit of lipstick on, and dress for him as if you were going on a date with him. One risk of distance dating is that you soon become a ‘friend’ to him, and vice versa, so yes, build a strong connection, so that you really get ‘in’ there, but don’t forget to keep the attraction building also as this will then be the perfect combo for him that should leave him dying to see you.

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