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February 10, 2016

I Need My Ex Back Now: Why Feeling This Way Will Ruin Your Chance of Getting Back With Your Ex

First of all, if you need your ex, NEED, then this is something that you are going to have to address, and this can be one of the worst feelings ever. Take a moment to read on, and find out why needing your ex can be why you will block him from coming back to you.

You do not need your ex to make you whole

You are whole as you are and you do not need your ex to complete you. If you are basing your own happiness around being with your ex, then you will feel like your life has ended and you do not count right after a break up. You really have to do some self work and find your inner strength because your ex will sense your neediness and this can be way too much pressure for him to take.

A man likes to feel that a woman is responsible for herself, and he does not want to feel he has to be with her because she will harm herself if he walks away as this is like a form of emotional blackmail. Be strong, fill your own life with things you love, and attract him back to you by being radiant and fabulous.

You must vow to not contact him for a period of time

Read up on the no contact rule and you will understand why . When you first break up with your man he will want space. Men do in general, so much more so than women do but especially after a breakup. You need to let him see that you are strong and he needs time to miss you. He has feelings too and the last thing that he wants to do right now, is have to carry you. Let him be. Let him want to see what you are up to. Right now, if you chase and beg, you will drive him even further away and possibly away for good.

You must stop expecting him to make you happy

The more you expect him to be the one who makes you happy the more you will resent him if and when he does not make you feel this way and this can breed a whole heap of toxic emotion for you. Let it breathe a little. Take better care of YOU. You can be happy just as you and it is YOU that he was attracted to, not a needy and insecure car wreck. Get some self respect back and make a determined plan to go out there and attract your ex back by being so fabulous that he cannot resist you!

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