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December 6, 2015

I Want To Change My Relationship Status in Facebook: Will This Freak Him Out?

In this video, dating coach Matthew Hussey talks about when and how to change your Facebook status to “in a relationship.”

Put Some Thought into It

Most of the world has bought into the idea that we must display as much of our lives as possible. Whether you are a private person or not, you should put some thought into when you should change your Facebook status to announce you are in a relationship, or whether you should do it all. You should be sensitive to your own feelings, but also to your partner’s. Not changing your status may be as offensive to him as changing it.

Remember to Enjoy Being in the Moment

When you are starting a relationship, it would be helpful to just enjoy the fun of it, be in the moment, and not worry about whether the rest of the world knows about it. If you are the type of person that needs to announce you are in a relationship, make sure that you don’t do it too quickly. If things don’t pan out it can be very awkward telling everyone after. Instead, take the time to just enjoy it for yourself. Don’t put immense pressure on yourself or your partner right at the start. When your relationship becomes more established, then discuss announcing it on Facebook.

Have the Discussion

Have a discussion with your partner about changing your relationship status after your relationship is established. You can tell him that you would like to change your status to “in a relationship” because you don’t want other guys to think you are single. This is a great way to make the suggestion that he do the same without actually coming out and saying it and putting pressure on him. It also shows your loyalty to him. Go into the conversation without an agenda. Weeks later if he still hasn’t changed his relationship status, initiate a casual conversation about it then. Ask him to explain his reasons and hear him out. Remember that labelling yourself in a relationship on Facebook is symbolic. It doesn’t offer you any protection against invasions into your relationship or guarantee loyalty.

Change a Little, Not a lot

Facebook does give you the choice not to list a relationship status at all. It can be helpful not to list anything in this category, then it doesn’t put the pressure on you to change it when you start a relationship and you don’t run the risk of hurting another person by having your status remain “single” at the start. If you choose to change your relationship status, you have the choice of not listing who it is with. The point that you are taken should be enough. You don’t have to go another step further and put your partner’s name there, unless they really do want it to be displayed. Be sensitive of how much privacy you both want.

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