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February 28, 2016

I’m Afraid of Rejection: What Can I Do To Overcome My Fear of Rejection and Move Forward

In this video, Matthew Hussey, a dating coach, explains how to move on from the pain and fear of rejection and live without regrets.

Don’t Confuse Insecurity with Narcissism

There is a fine line between insecurity and narcissism. Insecurity is the belief that no one could, or will ever love you. Narcissism is the belief that everyone should love you. Don’t mistakenly go out with the expectation that every person should want to be in a relationship with you. There are many people who aren’t going to be a perfect match for you. Never base your self-worth on another person’s rejection. Instead look ahead to the many people who are right for you and who will appreciate what you have to offer.

Once Burned Twice Shy

After being rejected, the fear of being hurt again can be a daunting hurdle. However, you have to remember to put your priorities into perspective. Which is the greater fear for you? Putting yourself out there and facing possible rejection? Or clamming up, trying to keep yourself safe, becoming so afraid to put yourself out there that you end up living your whole life alone, living your life as someone you don’t even like. Far more people fear a life of regret than fear a moment of rejection.

Don’t Let a Ghost Control You

No one person or bad experience is worth wasting years of your life mourning over. Don’t let a person who isn’t even there have that control over you. Don’t spend the best years of your life living in fear and building regret. Remember that you are alive and well and that you have tons to offer. Always remember what a blessing it is to have the luxury of time to waste. Many people run out of time and would give anything to have just one more chance to put themselves out there for the possibility of rejection.

Live a Full Life

Let go of the belief that rejection is the worst thing that could happen to you. Let go of your fears and your insecurities. Be a force and live your life to its fullest. Be confident in yourself. Take those small risks every day, grow stronger and learn from your past experiences, and be proud of yourself for being brave enough to continuously try again.

About Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey, speaker and New York Times Bestselling author, serves as a matchmaker on “Ready for Love,” NBC’s innovative and dramatic new relationship show about making real connections.

Through his online programs, viral internet broadcasts, sell-out seminars, NYT Bestselling book, and his roster of private clients, he has been able to pass on his insights and strategies to countless people. 50,000 women have attended his live events and he has reached over 10 million online. Hussey is the new international guru of the dating and relationship-coaching scene.

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