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January 3, 2015

Interview With Dr. Patti Britton

1. As a sexologist what are some of the most common issues that your female clients face and how do you help them?

Low or no sexual desire; negative body image issues; not being able to experience orgasm with a partner. Those are the top three.

To address each or all of those requires going through my 5-step process; that involves

1. Healing the past wounds;

2. Know yourself: discovering your own sexual patterns for pleasure alone;

3. Knowing how to relate to a partner including what you want/need and how to express your passion with a partner;

4. Learning sexual skills or sexual enhancement methods and techniques; and

5. Reaching toward ecstasy by claiming your authentic sexual self alone and/or with a partner and finding bliss. See answer below to #2.

It requires working with me as a sex coach one on one, or becoming trained through my online university at for self growth and learning how to help others to find their sexual authenticity and achieve sexual wellness.

2. Some women feel so stressed out and overwhelmed due to their work, family commitments, relationships etc. that they have very little to no sex drive. How common is this issue and how can women work towards getting their sex drive back?

There is a great book out by a colleague Lauri Mintz that talks about the 5 t’s approach; thoughts, time, talk, touch and trysts. This method gets tired women back into their passion. I follow a similar path with client using my own sex coaching model, MEBES: it addresses the 5 elements of sex and what blocks the flow then how to unlock the keys to get in flow again. Those elements are: mind, emotions, body and body image, energy and spirit. Info on that is on this page:

Please read this to learn about how I work; this tells you a lot about my work. Also, our rule as sex coaches is always first to rule out the physical; she may have hormonal imbalance or low sexual hormones that affect energy and desire for sex. This-low desire for sex- can also indicate another medical condition, such as hypothyroidism, as one example. Another coaching tip is this: make time for self; find some “me” time during each day so you can focus on who you are as a sexual being and reboot; finally, stress and fatigue plague us all; you must prioritize time for being sexual, find a way to move from the daily to do list, into the sense of pleasure.

3. Some experts recommend women wait till they get to know the man they are dating and not have sex until you both are committed to exclusivity. Some experts believe you should go with the flow and be spontaneous and not have any rules regarding when you want to sleep with a man. Can you share your thoughts on the right time to have sex?

There is no right time to have sex; don’t get hooked on those formulas about wait till date #3; because that type of right choice comes from knowing oneself and your own boundaries, wants, needs and maturity. When things are right the universe or life itself gives you instant feedback; a “yes” response is there when the gears line up; feeling unsure or a sense of “this doesn’t feel right” is feedback to yourself that it isn’t the right time yet. Because I work with women of all ages, a lot of the answer depends on their age, their level of sexual experience and their maturity in making good decisions. If it feels right for you, go for it. If it doesn’t listen to your inner guidance and read your body signals, such as a tight throat, or belly pain, etc, as your body really does have the ability to give you somatic feedback about what is good or bad for you. Never make the decision whether or not to have sex if you feel coerced, pressured or have had too much alcohol to drink. Your body belongs to you!

About Patti Britton

There are few sex experts who walk their talk. Dr. Patti does it uniquely, with a smart, tell-it-like-it-is warmth and pizzazz.

As creator of the MEBES sex coaching model, Dr. Patti has an impressive pedigree in sexology, with a PhD, MPH and over 40 years of experience and expertise.

Dr. Britton has empowered thousands of men, women and couples with sexual enhancement education and sex coaching. She is a popular speaker, author and coach, and has trained hundreds of professionals in clinical sexology worldwide.

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