Is Your Shyness an Excuse To Mask Your Boring Personality? Part 2 - How To Win a Man's Heart

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December 6, 2015

Is Your Shyness an Excuse To Mask Your Boring Personality? Part 2

In this video Matthew Hussey discusses how you may be using shyness as an excuse to mask your boring personality.

Go and talk to someone and see what happens

You assume that if you go and talk to a guy he will reject you. Why is that? Seriously ask yourself what it is that you are afraid of and chances of it is feeling unwanted and not feeling good enough. But what is it about rejection that scares you? It’s just one person, one person’s opinion. Go out there, and talk to guys and see what happens. If a guy talks to you you will soon see that being shy was perhaps not that great after all. People (guys) DO want to talk to you and hiding yourself away just means that less guys get the chance to meet such a great woman as yourself!

Get more rejection- it doesn’t have to make you insecure

Sounds bizarre, but try it. Take someone who works in a call centre. They have to face rejection on a DAILY BASIS. They get that phone slammed down on them all the time! How do you think this makes them feel? Do they sit and cry and take it personally? NO. They get used to it. They understand that it is not personal but we just cannot please everyone all of the time.

And the same theory should be applied to the dating world. You cannot be snapped up by everyone. You may not be someone’s taste but this does not mean that there is something wrong with you.

SO- make a plan go out there and try and talk to five guys tonight, and accept the rejection that comes you way (if it does of course). take it on the chin and the more you feel it, the less it affects you.

Rejection is not personal

You cannot be every man’s cup of tea. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out there and embrace the selection of men that is out there just waiting for YOU to mingle with them!

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