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March 5, 2016

My Boyfriend is Hot and Spends a Lot of Time With Attractive Women: What Should I Do?

In this video Matthew Hussey talks about how to keep your man when he’s an attractive person that spends a lot of time with attractive people.

The Comparison Game

It’s a very common scenario. We meet someone, we’re attracted to them, we begin to date and then we begin to worry that we aren’t good enough. We think when we actually get the guy we’ve won the battle but then a whole new set of insecurities arises. Will they leave, will they find someone better, or will they find someone prettier? These are the types of questions we begin to ask ourselves. If you are not in a strong and confident place you will start to play the comparison game and experience jealousy.

Focus on things you can control

There will always be someone who is objectively hotter than us in the magazine sense of the word. You cannot get caught up with playing the comparison game. The problem with focusing on your partner’s feelings toward others and whether or not he’s going to find someone prettier or better is that those are issues totally outside of your control. You can’t control the fact that he may run into more attractive people and the moment you begin to try you have already lost. You are damaging your relationship by trying to control those things.

Bring value to the table

Focus on the things you can control. You cannot influence things outside your control but you can influence his behavior by the person you are. Focus on being the best you can be because greatness is what will influence his behavior the most. The person who holds on to their partner is not the person that is trying to cling on but the person who focuses on building a great life that their partner wants to be a part of. Remember that love tends to win. People can become attracted to someone in a moment but a feeling of love that has been built usually wins. The bond you’ve built and the total package that you are is what he loves.

We think we’ve won the battle because we’ve finally found our partner but then we get caught up in the comparison game and all the jealousy and insecurity that comes with it. However, focusing on other people and the possibility that he may find someone prettier or better than you in some way will only harm your relationship. They are factors outside your control and the minute you start trying to control them is the minute you begin to lose your partner. Instead focus on building something great that he will want to be a part of. People don’t fall in love with a feature or one characteristic. They fall in love with a whole package. Focus on the value you bring to the table and you’ll be creating something he won’t want to leave.

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