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February 10, 2016

My Ex Won’t Respond To Me: Why Your Ex Silence May Actually Be a Good Thing

Your ex won’t respond to you and you are convinced that this means he hates you and it is over FOR GOOD. Right? Well, silence may not be the worst thing in the world and here is why…

He is taking time to think.

And thinking about you and how he does or does not feel is better than being over you and having moved on. Of course, it’s easy to assume that he has moved on and that is why he is not speaking to you but nope, not always true. He may have been really hurt by the breakup and he is taking time to heal, and maybe even avoiding you because he does not want to deal with any more pain.

He may be testing you.

He may be testing you to see how you respond, to see if you care. Perhaps if you have been doing the no contact rule he feels that you have got over him and so he wants to push you. You seem so calm and collected right now and he doesn’t understand how or why this is possible. So he wants to push you to your limits so you fear you have lost him FOR GOOD and chase after him.

Do NOT bite, do not crack under pressure, just keep your cool and spend some more time working on yourself. You have come too far to blow it now.

He may be hurting.

This is not nice to think about because you do not want him to hurt but chances are he may be. And if he is, well men tend to deal with pain privately. He may have shut himself away to heal, or drink, or just – be by himself. And this is a good sign because whilst he is hurting it means that he still has feelings for you. So let him feel those feelings and if he has them, the fact that he heard from YOU will have him in a tail spin.

So, what do you do if you have contacted your ex and not heard from him? Give him time. Let him think and see if he gets back to you. If he doesn’t then maybe give it one last shot. But keep working on your own life so that you do not focus too much on waiting.

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