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February 10, 2016

Psychology of Getting Your Ex Back- Do Mind Hacks and Ninja Tricks Work?

There are a ton of courses and eBooks out there on the internet, where you can hire someone to do Voodoo, learn how to do Voodoo, investigate love spells, or control your exes mind using NLP and thought and language patterns. If you wanted to go down this  route, there are  tons of things that you could try in order to get your ex back BUT before you do so, consider the following points:

Playing any kind of a game has consequences.

Love spell casters tell you that when you cast a love spell, the law of karma will return the energy to you threefold. You are meddling with nature, with love and with someone else’s free will. This can and often does backfire. Is that something that you want to risk? Playing a game of control of any kind can often be sensed by your ex and this is one sure way to drive your ex away from you FOREVER. Think about how YOU would feel?

You surely want someone who wants you too? Don’t you?

Using techniques that are underhand to win your ex back may well work, but do you want your ex to come back to you because he was controlled or do you want him to come back to you because he loves you? The choice of course, is yours, but in time, if he has come back because of ‘tactics’, things will reveal themselves and he won’t feel happy. Chances are he will simply up and leave you and where will you be then? Don’t you think that you are worthy of more than this? Do you really want to FORCE someone to be with you?

Things cannot work long term on a rocky foundation.

You need to get your ex back by working on yourself PROPERLY. Take 30 days where you work on yourself and then show your ex how much work you have done. Let him fall in love with you and come back to you because he wants this to work as much as you do and accept that if he does not, then maybe it is time to breakup for good because both of you deserve more than to be with someone who does not make you happy. Don’t you?

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