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February 14, 2016

Reacting vs Responding- Why Responding Gives You a Better Chance Of Getting Back With Your Ex

A breakup leaves you reeling. You will feel all manner of emotions, therefore, you are probably responding to the situation rather than thinking about what you want to do clearly. If you still love your ex, it is so easy to start with, to get caught up in watching what they are up to, on Facebook etc. This will not make you happy. You feel like a puppet on a string, who is simply REACTING to things rather than responding to things.

Choose to be in control. Choose to respond rather than react.

You are in control. You may not feel like it. And you may not be acting like it right now. But you are. And you don’t have to just automatically react to anything that your ex does or doesn’t do. You need to make a CHOICE to think about things. To know, that what you choose to do can and does have a great impact on whether or not you and your ex can get back together. You do not have to be a slave to your emotions and you are not one so stop acting like it. Make a choice, and always think before you just do something because reaction may drive your ex away for good.

Here is how to respond.

Okay so you need to remember that you are taking time away from your ex right now as you want to have him miss you but you also want to work on yourself during the no contact period, so that you actually are in a much better place than where you are at right now and can work seriously on making it work with your ex.

So what do you do if you see something that upsets you or if he calls you?

Nothing. You do nothing. Yep. You CHOOSE to drop your ex a text if he calls and you explain that you need some more time to work on yourself since the breakup and you can speak maybe in a couple of weeks. This lets him know that you are taking time out for YOU and he will admire you for that but also worry that he is losing you for good.

And if you see something that makes you jealous, or angry, well you take control of those feelings and you remember that reacting may push your ex away forever and you have a plan of action here, so you basically just keep telling yourself that all of this is just a test and you can and will pass it.

Be in control and work on getting your ex back. You are strong!

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Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.