The Single Biggest Mistake To Avoid on a First Date - How To Win a Man's Heart

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December 6, 2015

The Single Biggest Mistake To Avoid on a First Date

There is a fatal mistake that people make when going on a date. In this video Matthew Hussey tells you what that mistake is and how you can avoid it.

Plans you can’t escape

When people go on a first date they create these elaborate plans that are almost impossible to escape from. Dinner for example is a bad idea for a first date unless you already know you like someone. Why? You can’t escape from dinner. Let’s say 15 minutes into the date you realize you have nothing in common with this person but you’ve just ordered your main course. Now you are stuck with them for the next hour. Furthermore, if you book out your whole evening to spend with someone you barely know you look desperate.

Compartmentalize your date

Break your date into three compartments. The first third of the date should be easy to escape from – a quick drink in a bar or a cup of coffee. It’s easy and risk free. You’re not stuck for hours with a person you know you don’t want to be with. Have a plan for the next two thirds of your date, however, if it does go well. That way you’re ready should you two really hit it off.

Spontaneity tells him he did something right

Spontaneously deciding to go do something else fun after the first third of your date lets him know he did something right and you want to continue to spend time with him. When he thinks there is nothing more than the drink planned and you suggest heading to the bowling alley around the corner, it’s like you’re telling him he did something right. While you may already have it planned out in your head, he won’t know that.

The biggest mistake people make in planning a first date is to plan something they cannot easily escape. You want to compartmentalize the date into thirds. The first third should be simple such as a quick drink. Have something in mind for another place you can go if the first third goes well and you two are enjoying each other’s company. That way you are rewarding him for doing something right and your good date can continue on.

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