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March 5, 2016

What Gatsby Can Teach You About Improving Your Love Life

In this video Matthew Hussey talks about what we can learn from the habits of the Great Gatsby.

Be a connector or know the connector

If you throw a party then all eyes are on you and people who come to the party are interested in getting to know YOU. But if you don’t want to be the one who throws the party, then you may want to know the person who is throwing the party and this way you will be part of being the center of attention and you will meet lots of great, new people

Have an emotional vision of where you are going

Gatsby had an emotional vision of where he was going in life. He had passion and this is what kept him going on a daily basis. If you are not running on passion, then you are running on willpower, and this is dull and means that you will find it hard to stick to what you want to do. If you are driven by logic it cannot last, so you have to run on emotion and find something that drives you on a visceral level.

Apply this to your love life

Apply the above point to your love life and be passionate about creating the kind of life you desire rather than just go along with whatever comes your way. Don’t take a passive role, this is your life, so visualize your ideal partner and then go for it.

Believe that you are destined for greatness

Gatsby believed that he was destined for greatness and this belief determined how he lived his day. He somehow knew that he would leave a mark on the world, and we all have to believe that we are special on some level, believe and have passion and you can achieve whatever you desire.

Plan for success

Gatsby planned on a daily basis what he wanted to achieve and you should too. But plan the night before not on the actual day. Stick to your plan and create the life that you DESIRE rather than just float through life.

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