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February 14, 2016

What To Do When Your Ex Hates You But You Still Love Him

Your ex says he hates you. You want to curl up and die. You cannot believe it – is he for real? How do you handle this? Do you tell him that you feel the same way too? But what if you don’t mean it? And does he? Read on to find out about why your ex would say this and what to do if you do find yourself in this situation.

Remember he is emotional and so are you.

You are emotional. Both of you are capable of saying ANYTHING in order to get a reaction or simply just to vent and let it all out … when emotions are running this high, let’s be honest, we ae all capable of saying ANYTHING but it does not mean that we mean what we say. And so before you run off and lick your wounds, understand that maybe your ex is just hurting and trying to get your attention, maybe he wants to hurt you right now so let him and tell him that you understand how he feels.

Is he saying it to you in a serious tone?

Of course, if your ex sits you down over coffee and tells you that he has been wanting to tell you something for a long time but has not known how, and that he never loved you, and felt that you deserved to know, then yes, maybe you should believe this and how you choose to handle this is up to you. Know the difference between tones of voice and how something is said.

Love and Hate – the thin line.

There is a very thin line between love and hate. Some would say that you cannot hate someone unless you have loved them. If your ex is saying that he hates you, this is a GOOD THING. You see, when he stops feeling anything for you and moves on then this is the time to worry.. But if he is still fired up then this shows that he feels something and he cares enough to be emotional. So in a weird bizarre way, you can almost feel relieved that your ex is feeling this intensity of emotion, this raw passion. It means that you are still inside of him and if this is the case then there is hope that you can get back together.

Take his side, don’t retaliate

Don’t say hurtful things back as you may push your ex too far and lose him. Just think of this as being a good thing and then step back do the no contact period so that your ex has a chance to allow his feelings to first, settle, and then miss you. He will soon want to express his feelings if you are not around.

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