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January 19, 2018

What To Say When He Asks You Out Last Minute

In this video, dating coach Mat Boggs, author of crackingthemancode.com, a program that gives relationship advice to women, talks about how you shoulc respond when a guy you like sends you a text, inviting you out on a date at the last minute.

There are three principles to guide you on how to respond to those so-called last minute texts.

Guiding priniciple #1: People will replicate behavior that they get rewarded for

If he texts you last minute, and you cancel all your other plans to accommodate him, then you’re basically telling him that it’s ok for him to keep doing that to you. You make it easy for him to hang out with you even if he doesn’t give you advance notice.

Guiding prinicple #2: Pain of missing out

When a guy sends you a last minute text, something like: “Hey, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods. Want to meet up tonight?”. You should respond by sending this: “Could be fun! Bummer, already got plans tonight. Next time?”.

This is the perfect response because it covers all the bases. When you say, “could be fun”, it’s actually a challenge to him to up his game when he’s with you. Also, by saying “bummer”, you sound a little sad about missing the date, which to him is a validation that you do want to be with him.

That part where you say, “already got plans” will get him thinking as to who you’re with. Are you with another hot guy? That will really get to him, because you could be going out with him, instead. Lastly, by saying “next time?”, you open up an opportunity for him to ask you out again but only if he gets his act together and give you some advance notice.

Guiding prinicple #3: Go with the flow

What about when he sends you a last minute text and you’re actually free that night and it won’t cost you too much to meet up with him? In this case, go with the flow. When it’s low investment for both you and him to meet up, then go meet up. If it’s easy, it’s casual, then don’t fight it. You’re not playing games here, you only want to keep it real.

The challenge really is when you’re not going with the flow – when you’re putting in a ton of effort whereas he’s not even trying. That’s not going with the flow, that’s rowing upstream already.

Remember that if a man has a low level of investment on something, he doesn’t value it as much. Only when both people are willing to invest in one another can they have a great relationship.

About Mat Boggs

A true difference maker, Mat Boggs has dedicated his life to increasing Love in the world one heart at a time, and helping others achieve their dreams. Mat has co-authored the best-selling book, Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of America’s Greatest Marriages.

Mat has appeared on dozens of national media venues including: The Today Show, CNN Headline News, Fox News, CNN Showbiz Tonight, ABC Family, The Style Network, and many others, as well as contributed to an international peace symposium with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. To know more, visit his website below.