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May 15, 2015

What Type Of Men Fear Commitment

Do all men fear commitment? Or are there certain kinds of men who do? Figuring out which type do means that we can be prepared, to either avoid them or know how to handle them. And there are several kinds of men who are commonly know to be a commitment phobe. Below are the most common kinds

Players. The universal word that we are all familiar with

And women sadly, love pulling a player. Why? Because the player is often seen as being more attractive, and is harder to get. A player is a challenge, but like all good players do, he will not commit to a woman, because he prefers to play the field. Usually this happens because he is a little insecure in himself and his ability to hold down a successful relationship. Therefore, wearing the player badge with pride means that he keeps this image as being ‘the attractive, most wanted’ man on the block.

Men who have a history of long term relationships that didn’t end in marriage

Has he had a string of relationships that have lasted a fair amount of time, such as 4-5 years but they did not end in marriage? If so then there is usually a reason behind this pattern. Often, it is because he was scared of commitment. In this kind of relationship it is common for the woman to reach a point where she issues an ultimatum. When faced with marriage or a breakup, a commitment phobic man will often walk away

Men who have addictions, mental illness, personality issues

They often have so much of their headspace taken up by their own issues that they cannot focus on somebody else. And in the case of a personality disorder for example, this is an illness. You cannot simply ‘change’ a guy like this. He will need a diagnosis, and proper treatment plan before he can manage his condition fully. This is not to say that you should avoid someone just because they have such issues but identifying the root cause of their behaviour means that you can then do your research into it, and be armed with knowledge and a strategy for coping when they perhaps frequently pull away.

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