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May 9, 2015

Where Can You Meet Single Men To Date

In this video, Julie Ferman discusses the best places to meet people to date.

People are everywhere. Everywhere you go every day, there are great opportunities to meet new people. The best way to find a possible partner from the wide world of possibilities is to practice meeting people

Be the Hostess

Whether you are at the bank or the car wash, take a moment to look around you. The room is full of people you probably don’t know. When you make the bold move of actually speaking to strangers you do two things; first of all, you ease their distress. Understand that people are almost always uncertain and awkward when it comes to meeting other people. When you become the hostess at every party, and do whatever it takes to make the people around you feel at ease and comfortable, they will be forever grateful. When you approach strangers in that way, it’s lots less difficult to speak to them. (It’s your job) When you speak to them or ease their tension, it’s like tossing a life-line to a drowning human. They grab it and are grateful.

An Easter Egg Hunt

The world is full of interesting people. Some of them are at the bank with you. If you fail to take the opportunity of engaging them, you may miss the chance to meet a decorated war hero, or a woman who has bested a debilitating disease. There are people to be learned from in every place on every day. It’s up to you to explore them so that they can enrich you and your life. Once you get into the habit of working the room you’re in, you’ll find it easier and easier to approach the hot guy in the corner.

You Become Approachable

People who are really “people persons” find themselves being asked questions all the time. In stores, other customers ask for the price of an item or directions to the rest room. Walking down streets, they are constantly being smiled at. Perhaps it’s the way they meet the eyes of strangers or the open way in which they carry themselves. The more you practice chatting up strangers, the more approachable you will become. In this way, you send an invitation to that hot guy in the corner that you are interested in getting to know people – even him. (Believe it or not, he is nervous about meeting others too. Even though he seems to have it all together, he’s worried about approaching somebody as cool as you are.)

The more often we make a connection, the more likely we are to find somebody who is interesting in a romantic way. You may kiss a lot of frogs in your stranger-meeting adventures, but you will be refining your personal skills.

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