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March 5, 2016

Who Should Pay on a Date: Should the Man Always Pay?

In this video Matthew Hussey shares his take on who should pay on a date.

Offer – at least offer, on the first date

At least reach for your purse and give it the gesture that you are going to pay. Guys assume that you are being your most polite on a first date and if you are not going to offer right now he assumes you never will and there should be give and take for a relationship to not breed resentment

If he offers to pay then take it gracefully. Don’t keep insisting

Let him pay if he insists. When you keep saying no, let me – it makes him feel like he is not masculine. Let him be, and feel like the man. Allowing someone to do something nice for you is not a weakness, and it makes your man feel good in that moment by allowing him to pay

Do pay for little things from time to time

If he continues to pay for things, offer to get little things. if he pays for dinner, pay for desert. Or get the drinks in. At least offer – if he still rejects and you do want to get something to show that you care, why not buy him a little gift?

If you are the one with more money – then you offer to pay

It works in reverse. If you are well off but your guy is unemployed for a time, then you can now offer to pay and he should at least offer to pay something from time to time.The key is balance so that one person does not begin to resent the other or feel like they have to keep them.

Understand that guys feel GOOD when they pay

When you let him pay he feels good – offer to pay and when he says no, let him pay because it feels good to reject your offer. So don’t see him rejecting you as him trying to control you or not taking you seriously. He wants to treat you like a lady so let him.

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