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May 15, 2015

Why Boundaries Are Crucial For a Healthy Relationship

You have to set boundaries from the beginning

You cannot expect a man to know what you find is acceptable and what is not acceptable. You need to lay down some boundaries, and stop letting him get away with things. Otherwise, three months into the relationship he will see you complaining about stuff and see it as you trying to control him and change him.

You cannot change a man

Honestly. If you think that you can, you are in for a rude awakening. Sure, some things change as he grows with you but the basics, the things that make him who he is, nope. And if you dislike certain aspects of who he is but figure you can ‘work on that’ then you will find yourself tearing your hair out, so walk away now before you waste a few months of your life wanting something different.

You need to have the conviction to walk away

If he does keep crossing your boundaries then you need to have the conviction to stand by them and walk away. Do not settle for bad behavior in the hope that something will give, or something will change. If you accept the bad behavior just once then you can expect it to be repeated again and again as he has no reason to not do it, as you have shown that he can do it and you will not walk away so stand your ground and make him realize that he does stand to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him if he does not wake his ideas up!

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