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May 7, 2015

Why Do I Keep Attracting the Wrong Guy Over and Over Again

Some women just resign themselves to attracting the wrong guy over and over again, thinking that it is just a ‘run of bad luck’. But we sometimes repeat patterns of behaviour because we have a lesson that needs to be learned before we can move forwards. Only when the lesson has been figured out and we have worked on ourselves from the inside out can things turn a corner

Are you repeating a pattern because you have not figured out the ‘lesson’ here?

Each relationship holds a lesson. Before quickly moving on, take time to look at what went wrong in your recent breakup because it is called a breakup because it was broken. What role did YOU play in things falling apart? Don’t worry, the idea of assessing this is not some form of self torture, it is self development because you will soon be ready to enter a new relationship as a wiser, more experienced, and self aware person and this in turn will make you a better partner and stand a greater chance at success in love

Do you love yourself enough to allow someone else to love you?

Perhaps you are stuck in a pattern of choosing the wrong guys because you do not like yourself very much and this means that you find it harder to leave bad relationships because you do not believe you deserve better or that better even exists out there for you. Take time out to focus on nurturing yourself, get some therapy if you need to, and then and only then, think about giving yourself to another. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot demand that anyone else loves you

When you take time to out to fall in love with yourself first, you are then in a much better position in regards to the energy that you are putting out there. Negative energy will attract a negative relationship, so think positive and expect miracles!

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