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May 11, 2015

Why Giving Him Space Can Help You Strengthen Your Relationship

In this video Karla Downing talks about stepping back as a strategy for drawing your guy back towards you.  Does this strategy work and when should you try to employ it?

When Stepping Back May Backfire

Stepping back from a relationship can reel a guy in, but it also can backfire if the guy is moving away because he is uncertain about the relationship.  An insecure guy may interpret your stepping back as a sign you are not into him and he may move on.

When Stepping Back Can Work

If you feel a guy is backing off because he is unsure or pushing you away, moving toward him and becoming clingy will make you look desperate.  That is a very unattractive quality and does not build his respect for you.  Furthermore he may feel like you are pushing him or demanding something from him and taking away his freedom.  In this case stepping back can work.

Creating Intrigue

Stepping back and creating a little bit of intrigue and a little bit of insecurity on his part may pull him back toward you.  If he is uncertain about whether or not he wants you and you step back, he is likely to start thinking he hadn’t decided he didn’t want you yet, and work to pull you back in.  There is always some strategy and game playing involved and that is normal and natural in relationships.

In relationships strategy and game playing is okay.  It is a normal and natural way for relationships to develop.  If you seem to be losing the interest of a man or it feels like he is backing off and you become clingy, you are only going to push him farther away as he will lose respect for.  A better strategy may be to step back a bit.  This will create intrigue in the relationship.  When he feels a little insecure about your feelings for him he will work to pull you back in.

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