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May 9, 2015

Why How He Feels About You Plays a Key Role in Attraction

In this clip, life and relationship coach Dr Alexis Shepperd explains that how he feels about you – and how you make him feel about you – are crucial to a successful relationship.

Have you ever heard men appreciate their partner by saying, “With her, I feel like I’m a better man” or “She makes me want to be the best that I can be”?  Doesn’t that sound wonderful and utterly romantic?  You could positively hear the overflowing of love and appreciation in that.  It kind of makes you envious doesn’t it?

And you’re probably thinking: if only you could hook for yourself such an appreciative, romantic, and overall loving guy.  But does it really depend on the guy? That he has to be this schmaltzy, corny kind to be able to appreciate his woman?

Well not exactly.  Any guy would say it for the woman who makes him feel that.  He may not be one to scream it for the entire world to hear but he’ll say it nonetheless.  So what is it exactly about the women they are with that makes men gush just so?

Women who see a man’s greatness and makes her appreciation known will find that their men will not be hesitant to reciprocate it in their own way – hence the declaration.  If you want your man to feel better about you, you also need to step up in making him feel better about himself.

It doesn’t mean that you should be blind to his faults but it does mean that despite his shortcomings, you are still able to celebrate the good in him.  Men are not as flagrant about craving appreciation but they would still love to hear it from you and find it invaluable if you do.

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