Why Men Fear Intimacy - How To Win a Man's Heart

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May 7, 2015

Why Men Fear Intimacy

Men fear intimacy rather than commitment

Men fear someone else knowing them so well that they can spot all of their flaws. Men fear being a failure. They fear emotional intimacy. But this is not the same as fearing commitment. A man may really want to be with a woman but he still finds himself pulling away because he has some deep rooted insecurities that prevent him from letting himself go and opening up truly to the woman that he is with.

A woman CAN help a man work through this

You can show a man that you understand where he is at but this does not have to mean an uncomfortable ‘talk’.

Just say something like ‘I can tell you are uncomfortable’ and this will tell him that you are a woman who is paying attention to his needs and responses, and that you actually do care about him. He will maybe then feel that he can let his guard down and talk to you a little about what is bugging him – but be sure not to pressure him. Learn to be really patient and just step back and let him come to you when he feels that he is ready.

Make him feel safe when he does come to you

Make him feel safe. If he shares his feeling then do not judge him or try and step in and take over. Just let him talk and support him. He needs to see that when he does come close, that he si safe to do so and that you are there supporting him. Once he gets over this initial hurdle he will just become all the more confident in letting YOU be the one person who gets to see the real him. You see men do not share their real selves to anyone and everyone, so for him, this is a big thing to be doing which is why he needs to be ready.

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