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May 7, 2015

Why Men Fear Marriage

The popular thought is that men fear marriage a lot more than women. But have you ever stopped to wonder why this is? Is it because they are players who want to remain foot loose and fancy free? Or could there perhaps be something more going on under the surface? Below, we look at why so many men fear marriage and what you can do about it

Men fear being burned

Much as women would like to think that men are not as sensitive as them – they are! Men fear being burned and worry about not being able to trust. Especially if they have already been burned by an ex partner, or are already divorced. The old saying ‘once bitten twice as shy’ is something that affects a lot of men today, so before jumping to conclusions that he has commitment issues, take a moment to think about whether or not he could simply be withdrawing because he likes you but is scared you will hurt him.

Men look at those around them, family, friends, and compare themselves to those people

If he can look at his friends and family, and within that circle, finds a lot of divorced men, then he begins to fear that he is ‘just like his peers’ and will be heading for the same misfortune. This is heightened if his own Father is divorced. A man looks up to his Father, and thinks ‘if my own Dad cannot make it work, then what chance do I have?’

So, women, beware, that men take time to think about whether or not they are cut out for marriage, and this is not always down to a fear of commitment, but a fear that they will not make it work, therefore will not be ‘good enough’. Ultimately men fear failure so try and reassure him that he is good enough

Reassure your man so that he feels he is more than enough

Men want to be reassured and feel that they are adequate, and make you happy. Reassure your man as often as you without coming on too heavy. Remind him in little every day ways that he is the one who rocks your world, makes you feel safe, and you want to spend your life with. Try not to take his hesitation as something personal – if your man is questioning himself this is the time when he most needs your love and support.

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