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May 7, 2015

Why Men Need Time To Commit

Men and women have different rates at the speed at which they commit in a relationship and a lot of women often misread the hesitance that a man may display when considering commitment as being a lack of interest. Issuing an ultimatum then pushes him away for good when all she needed to do was display a little patience. Intrigued? Read on.

A man needs to have a woman in his life first, before he can envision commitment

Men and women are different when it comes to commitment. Women visualize themselves in a committed relationship with a man right from being little! They imagine the marriage, the children and the home and women are notorious for looking for ‘Mr Right’, approaching every first date with this in mind… ‘is he the one?’. Men on the other hand do not think in this way. Men only consider whether a woman could be the one when she is right there, in front of him. It takes a man time when he meets a woman, to get used to having her around. He needs time to ‘settle in’ to a relationship. Give him this time and don’t take it as him not being sure. It’s just fact that men are slower at considering commitment than women so give your man time to feel his desire for you in his own time.

Do not push for commitment because it will drive a man away

Because a man needs more time to adjust to a woman being in his life, if a woman pushes for commitment too soon then a man will simply back off. This is because men like to feel that the decision to move things forward is his choice. No man wants to be controlled by anyone, and if a woman pushes for commitment then a man feels exactly that – controlled and out of control. His masculinity will be threatened and he will retreat in order to regain it.

Ask yourself why commitment is so important to you in the here and now

If you find yourself itching for immediate commitment, stop and ask yourself why. Are you desperate for commitment with the person that you are currently dating, or could this person be anyone? If someone feels that you are trying to force them into commitment before they are ready, it may indicate to them that you are happy to settle for anyone and that they could be anyone, you just need to feel secure. And this then becomes more of an issue about YOU. be secure in yourself and your partner will soon want to commit to you anyway because they will not want to let you get away.

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