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May 10, 2015

Why Men Typically Take Longer To Commit in a Relationship

In this video, Julie Ferman discusses the differences between men and women and the way they approach relationships.

There are distinct differences between the mindset of men and the mindset of women when it comes to the questions around a “happily every after” prognosis. Because of these differences, men and women need different assurances and timing before they are ready to commit to a long term relationship.


Research shows that women are three times more likely to admit that they would like to eventually be married, whereas men are non committal. Men agree that if they found somebody with whom they fell in love they might want to get married.

Men will say maybe to the same marriage question.


The same research shows that men hold the prospects of having a family in the same realm of possibility whereas women are four to five times more likely to check the YES box when asked if they want to have children.

Because of these differences, men need more time before they are willing to commit to a relationship with a woman. They need to become familiar with having a particular woman beside them before they can even entertain the idea of having her there forever. Women need far less time and are apt to begin designing the floral arrangements for the wedding as soon as the first date.

What complicates these differences in timing is the introduction of sexual contact in the relationship. Women, once they have consented to sex with a man, bond in a very different way than men do. Not just intellectually, but also physiologically, women become extremely attached to a man almost immediately when sex is involved. Female hormones, the same ones that help her to bond with her own infant child, will lay claim to the man in question while he is simply enjoying the physical relationship. This can be just enough of a disincentive to cause a man to flee screaming into the night.

A woman is much better off to avoid sexual contact with a man until they have been seeing each other for some time and the relationship has proven to be mutually satisfactory in other ways before introducing the intimately physical component. Not only will it serve to make her more mysterious and, therefore, more attractive to the male partner, it will serve to keep her own value system in tact. By exercising moral and physical integrity, she can remind herself that she is worth more than a mere romp in the hay. He will, if reluctantly, admire her for her integrity, and recognize that he must be an exceptional man to attract such a virtuous woman.

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