Why Mind Games Don't Work - How To Win a Man's Heart

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May 10, 2015

Why Mind Games Don’t Work

Many people think that you have to play mind games when dating. In this video Shana James talks about why mind games don’t work and how vulnerability helps build a better connection.

Mind Games Don’t Allow you to be Loved for who you are

If you are putting out there that you are someone else you are going to attract someone that is drawn to that kind of person. You are not going to be yourself and you are not going to feel loved for who you are because you’re not actually being loved for who you are.

Sharing Your True Emotions Builds a Connection

It’s a bit of an epidemic in our society that we are all trying to be the perfect woman, or the woman that has it all together. The truth is we are mad, sad, vulnerable and scared. All of these emotions can be brought to our relationships without mind games in a way that helps people feel closer to us without feeling pushed away discounted.

Share Without Blame

There is an art to sharing how you are feeling in a constructive way.  You can find a way to share what’s vulnerable to you without dumping it on someone or without blaming or shaming.  If we can tap into our experiences and consciousness in the moment we can express our feelings in a way that is vulnerable and actually creates a closer connection.

Mind games are an epidemic in our society because women feel like they always need to have it together and they are afraid to show their true emotions.  The problem with mind games is that you are hiding who you truly are and so you will never be loved for who you truly are.  The truth is that when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and bring your emotions to a relationship without playing mind games you will actually create a closer connection to that person.

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