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May 7, 2015

Why Stepping Back May Help You Draw Your Guy Back Towards You

Dating a new guy and worried that he isn’t going to commit? Follow the advice below to find out why, and to see whether you should wait for him.

Emotional Vulnerability

If he’s been in a long-term relationship or a marriage that has ended in divorce, or any other relationship that has ended badly, he might well be reluctant to commit because he doesn’t want to get hurt again. Part of getting involved with another person means that you have to get to know their past hurts and their past wounds, and if he’s unwilling to discus them, there might be some past hurt that he doesn’t want to talk about.

It Might Be an Excuse

When he’s talking about past hurts, you have to use your discernment. Is he genuinely upset about them? Or is he using them as an excuse not to get involved with you? If he’s genuine, he’ll share with you, he’ll explain why he’s feeling scared or unwilling to commit and he’ll let you hep him work through those feelings. If he’s just not ready to commit, then he’ll pull away, and he won’t take responsibility for his feelings.

Go Slow

Pacing in any relationship is key. Pacing in your relationship means that you take things slow, and you don’t get too deep into a relationship with a man that isn’t willing to commit. It also means that you can learn about each other, and about what you both like and don’t like within a relationship.

Show Him That You Can Be the One

If you want him to commit you, show him that you can be the one. Don’t change yourself to fit what he wants, but use your actions and words to show him that you can be someone that he can commit to.

Finally, if he keeps telling you that he will never be in the right place to get married or to get really into a relationship with someone ever again, and he continues on in this way, you might never be able to change his mind – so let him go.

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