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December 6, 2015

Why the 3 Minute Phone Call is a Great Way To Keep in Touch With Him Between Dates

Communicating between dates can be awkward, and is often left solely to texting. Matthew Hussey, a dating coach, explains how to fill the gaps between when you see him again with meaningful, genuine communication.

Establishing Genuine Communication

Many of us solely rely on electronic methods of communication between dates, namely texting. The problem with only texting each other, is that it does not allow for a real connection. It allows for flirting, laughter and light conversation but it does not substitute for in person communication or real live communication like a phone call.

Taking the Pressure Off

People tend to feel extreme pressure about calling another person because they fear having to fill a large amount of time. In actuality, most genuine phone conversations, where people truly connect and have fun together happen by accident. Most people don’t plan on calling someone and talking for two hours, it flows and happens naturally. It all needs to start with a much more minimal intent. Instead of trying to plan a long call, take the stress off and try planning a three minute phone call.

Structuring Your Call

Keep it simple. Ask your man about his day. Establish that you don’t have a ton of time to talk, which removes any awkwardness and obligation to fill time. You are telling him you called just to say hi, to let him know you were thinking about him, to let him know you wanted to hear his voice, which puts him at ease. After a short time, you can end the call. Your man doesn’t wonder if you were just filling time, and a genuine connection and sense of sweetness is established between each of you, if only briefly.

Don’t Hound

In small doses, the three minute phone call can be very sexy, and display great confidence in a way that is not desperate or needy. It shows that you are willing to put the effort in and be proactive. That real live connection can make him feel very special and valued. The three minute phone call is a selfless act. You called to hear his voice, to see how his day was going. To let him know you were thinking of him and that you value genuine communication.

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