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February 10, 2016

Why You Can’t Have Your Old Relationship Back If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

When you and your partner broke up and you are not ready to let go, all you ever want is for the two of you to go back to where you were before.  In fact, you might have been sorely tempted to beg your ex to get back with you, promising him that it will be as it used to be.

Whether you did or did not promise your ex such, don’t be surprise if rekindling the old relationship is the last thing that your ex would want.  In fact, it’s the last thing your relationship needs if you really want to get back with your ex.

It’s easy to see why you want your old relationship back – there were happy times after all.  But can’t you see that the old relationship was also the reason why you are here right now, dealing with a painful breakup?  Some things about the old relationship brought you to this point so getting it back will invariably lead you down the same path and towards the same conclusion.

Getting back with your ex should be all about creating a brand new relationship with the same person.  You can’t allow yourself to make the same mistakes so you need to consciously break those nasty habits and patterns in the relationship that contributed to it culminating in the breakup.

Start with the disagreements because this one is easy.  Try to recall what brought on disagreements and why they ballooned to disastrous proportions.  How did you react?  From there, you can try to change your responses so as to break the pattern of how those disagreements turned ugly.  This is just one example and certainly you can find a lot – and you can change a lot of your responses to prepare yourself for a much better relationship when your ex comes back to you.

Even now when your ex is not giving you the time of the day, you can still actively create interactions that break the nasty patterns of the past.  Begin by meeting him where he is at.  If he doesn’t want to see you just yet, then respect that.  It’s actually a start.

And if you do manage to initiate some form of communication, make your ex feel that you are genuinely curious about him, his life, his ideas, etc.  Allow him to open up to you and accept him for it.  Gradually, he will realize that you are developing a much deeper emotional connection – something that was quite lost in your old relationship and he can’t fail to want that too.

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