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February 14, 2016

Why You Need To Approach a Rekindled Relationship Like a New One

You have to approach a rekindled relationship like a new one. If you get back with your ex, you need to be aware why things went wrong last time and look at how you can create this new relationship and meet your partners needs and vice versa, so that things do not go down the same path. How to do this? Read on.

Talk. Talk. Then talk some more.

The very first place to start with this is to talk to your ex about things. Acknowledge that you both need some time to talk about what hurt you in a non threatening way. Listen as much as you talk. take into account how your ex felt and feels. And then talk about how you can ensure that these things do not happen this time around, so that you do not head straight back to breakup city.You have to make each other feel that it is safe to talk about stuff. So perhaps schedule some time regularly to start with to check in with each other and see where you are at.

Put energy into making your partner feel safe

One example okay – someone who lied to their ex. Your ex is now back with you and does not trust you. He feels that you must be about to lie to him again and he is worried that as soon as he lets his guard down you will go right back to hurting him again. How can you deal with this? Remember that words are cheap. You need to show your ex with your actions and you need to communicate and be open and honest so that he feels safe with you. Telling him that he is safe will not do the same thing. You can do this in regards to any issue that may be there.

Action Not Words. Don’t Forget This.

Focus on the good times

Yes the worries do need to be acknowledged but the main thing to do is to focus on the good times and look at how you can actively move things forward. The law of attraction is always at play and so focusing on breaking up – that is where you will send yourselves if you are not careful.

Think about the kind of relationship that you WANT, rather than the one that you do not want and make this happen. Really believe that it is already happening and let those positive thoughts take over the negative ones. You have to almost see the past as something that wants to ruin what you two have so do not let it. Focus on the good that you share and know that that is what is worth fighting for, and the fact that you are back together shows that you believe in this above all else.

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