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February 14, 2016

Why You Need To Practice To Prepare Yourself To Attract Your Ex Back

There is a huge difference between hearing something and really getting it. There is also a huge difference between listening and listening. Confused? Read on.

Listening or listening?

Listening as in sitting back with your ears open, is a physical thing. We listen every day, naturally, to all sorts of sounds that pass us in the street but we are not always paying attention. And THIS is the difference between listening and listening. One is active and one is passive. Where are you at with your listening skills? Try and practice listening and then taking time to think about how your ex feels.

Take time to think about how he feels

I get what you’re saying… BUT…! Shush! Don’t be so quick to dive in and say that. Let your mind absorb what has been said and try saying ‘I get what you’re saying’ and leave that for a moment before you feel the need to say anything else. Let your ex have their moment to say what they need to say before you just brush it aside and argue the toss.

Diffuse things by giving your ex’s feelings recognition

Often, two people are just caught up in this sort of, catch 22 situation where they are both used to defending themselves and how they feel. This can lead to a ‘tit for tat’ situation where both people want to ‘win’ a point or conversation and therefore are not really listening to what the other has to say as they are waiting to bat the ball back to the other person.

By simply saying ‘I get you’ your ex will be stunned and then when you give him space to say what he needs to say, he will not be able to continue to just fight back and this will diffuse things and make it easier to communicate and actually move things to a new level in regards to communication and this may lead to a greater chance of the two of you getting back together rather than being caught up in this funk that you currently find yourselves in.

Write a letter if you want to be heard

A good way of listening to each other is to write how you feel down on paper, or in an email as this gives you both space to absorb what the other has said and not be able to just dive in and argue. Take some time out to think about how your ex feels, and vice versa, and agree to think before you meet in the middle and discuss what has been said. Truly take the time to think about what has been said and give yourselves slots in which to respond where the other promises not to jump in and shoot the other down.

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