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December 6, 2015

Why You Should Stop Comparing Your Daily Life To Others

In this video Matthew Hussey discusses why you should not compare your life to others.

Get back to reality- stop comparing your daily life to others

Facebook has changed the way that we live. We constantly update our statuses with what we are doing and let’s be honest, who are we telling? Ourselves? Nope. We are essentially ‘showing off’ to our friends list, and if we have a following due to our line of work we are showing off to our fans.

Now, this is all very well and good, but it can become easy to get lost in this world, and to compare our daily lives (or worse still, Saturday night) with everyone else on Facebook and doesn’t it always seem like they are having a blast, which can really suck if we are actually stuck home alone

And let’s be honest who has ever said that they were some place they were NOT?

Facebook can also affect dating when we pretend to be fabulous to get his attention, or it can backfire on us when he gets jealous of other guys attention!

Take a step back, stop comparing and living your life through Facebook and get back to the real world. You will be much more productive and your love life will also improve because you will be out there meeting people and not fantasizing.

And that’s essentially what this is one big world of bravado and fantasy.

You life is happening as we speak so remember, make a list of things that you want to achieve during your day and then achieve them, don’t talk about it, do it.

Matthew filmed his ‘day’ during this video for fun it’s kinda like a mockery of having to tweet, update, check in your every move but the point is that ALL OF US are just normal regular people, with normal regular lives and the only person that we are really competing against is ourselves.

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